Baby Rowe
Baby Rowe, Brandon Rowe, Molly Jackson, Guess The Date
Baby Rowe

We are SO excited to share that we are expecting our first child in February 2020! Our hearts are so, so full already.

Guess the date Baby Rowe will be born.

Here are the rules:

1. All dates between now and the ‘official’ birth date (whenever that will be) are open.
2. One guess per person.
3. If no one guesses the correct birth date, then a winner will be selected using ‘Price Is Right’ rules.
4. Contest will end once the baby arrives.

Okay, time to make your best guess. Good luck!

Baby Rowe
Baby Rowe, Guess The Date He Will Be Born, Brandon Rowe, Molly Jackson
baby rowe, brandon rowe, molly jackson, milwaukee
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